Champion beer for Champion Men
Safari Lager is Tanzania's No. 1 selling beer.
It has a long history in the country, and over the years has developed a love stronger than most others.
When I started on this account the main issue was not sales, but brand perception. There was a concern that the brand was becoming too old and new consumers were beginning to choose other 'cooler' brands ("This beer is for my father")
Our brief was to recruit younger consumers without scaring away the many loyal drinkers.
At the same time, Safari Lager, won the No.1 beer in Africa title. Making it a true champion in the eyes of all Tanzanians. So, by default, if you were already a Safari Lager drinker, you must be a champion in your own right, and if you didn't drink safari, then it gave us a great platform to convince new consumers that they too are champions in whatever they do and therefore deserve a champion beer.
BRAND TVC - Champion Beer for Champion Men
In March 2013, Safari Lager won the title of the 'No. 1 Beer in Africa' at the Inaugural African Beer Awards, which reinforced its positioning of Tanzania's 'Champion Beer for Champion Men'. To communicate this, we developed a grand and inspiring TV commercial to showcase moments in the lives of various Champion Men and to welcome others to this World of Champions.
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