I was fortunate enough to Creative Direct one of Tanzania's most exciting and dynamic brands. With its involvement in local football, music, dance and basically anything fresh, fun and Tanzanian I was able to get in touch with the heartbeat of the young and funky side of Tanzanian life.
One of my first briefs when arriving in Tanzania was to make Kili a more youthful and vibrant brand. It was felt to be losing some traction and getting a bit too patriotic and serious. I can safely say that I left Tanzanian 5 years later having achieved this goal, and more.
100% TZ Flava - Kiduku (TZ dance) 2 of 3
This campaign focused on highlighting unique things/situations which make Tanzania Tanzania. Things with 100% TV Flava (Flavour). It's in the way Tanzanians dance, play football, greet, socialise, and of course, enjoy a truly Tanzanian beer together.
Below are 2 of the 3 adverts we shot.
Kilimanjaro Zungusha
In collaboration with The Front Films from South Africa, we created a commercial that externalises Kilimanjaro Premium Lager's refreshing quality by using water in a visually interesting and unique way. And to launch the beer's "Zungusha" campaign at the same time, which translates to "another round", we used the bullet time effect to capture the action (a technique where the camera revolves around the subject while it remains still) as a way of visually symbolising the phrase.
The Taifa Stars Stings - JUMA KASEJA  1 of 11 
Although Tanzanians are avid football fans, coming out in the thousands to support their local clubs or to watch an international game, they were not very proud or familiar with their national team. We wanted to educate and inspire the country about their players. To do so we created 11 'Nike' like stings featuring these stars in an heroic and professional manner. Below is one of these stings.
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