The Spirit of a Nation.
East Africa's oldest and most famous spirit brand which has been in existence for over 45 years.
Konyagi embraces its Tanzanian heritage and is know as "The spirit of the nation"
With the many rituals and myths surrounding the brand we were able to develop bold, engaging communication
and activation's on a grass root level.
Using the iconic Tanzanian painting style, Tinga Tinga, we created a truly tanzanian artwork that captures THE SPIRIT OF THE NATION.
The common ritual of a Konyagi drinker is to bash the base of the bottle twice before opening it. This ensure the release of the spirit and its authenticity. We used this ritual as a devise to showcase the 'spirit of the nation.'

BRAND TVC - The Spirit of the Nation
To showcase Konyagi as the Spirit of the Nation, we created a television commercial that exposes the iconic geographical splendor and everyday life of different cultures in Tanzania. These visuals were then edited to the rhythm of a local ritual commonly performed when drinking a bottle of Konyagi (the double thump heard when hitting the base of the bottle twice to 'awaken the spirit', the crack of the lid opening, the clink of the bottle touching your glass, and the splash of the liquid pouring out and 'releasing the spirit').
Creating a commercial which embodies the spirit of Tanzania - "
many places, many people, one rhythm and one nation".

Konyagi Mix

To expand the brand experience and recruit new consumers we created the KonyagiMix Activations.
A portable KonyagiMix bar was set up at selected outlets/bars and consumers could purchase a bottle of Konyagi and then get a professional mixologist to whip up a delicious cocktail of their choice.
A set of Konyagi playing cards were also created for smaller outlets. When you purchased a bottle of Konyagi, an activator would place the cards face down on your table. The consumer would then get asked to turn 2 cards over, and which ever mixes they had selected would then be created for them to enjoy. Instant prizes were also up for grabs.
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